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P&T - Mount Olympus N°824 | caddy - 60g

P&T - Mount Olympus N°824 | caddy - 60g


A warming Greek mountain tea with immune-boosting benefits.


This invigorating herbal Greek Mountain tea blend supports general health and self-healing functions. Replete with an abundance of adaptogenic herbs and vibrant splashes of citrus and mint, this cup will provide body and soul with a welcome burst of vitality.

  • Ingredients

    • greek mountain tea
    • fennel
    • orange peel
    • lemongrass
    • eucalyptus leaves
    • sweet blackberry leaves
    • moringa leaves
    • lemon peel
    • spearmint
    • goji berries
    • sea buckthorn berries
    • sunflower blossoms
  • Tasting Notes

    sweet, citrus, mildly aromatic

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